The Black Rose (Trandafirul Negru) – Mona Boșcu

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Scene 1

A cold and windy night, on a small hilltop near the the city, behind the sky-scrapers lightnings strike the sky, the thunder rumbles calmly; one tall and slender figure watches the scenery, waiting, as a second figure, slightly taller and stockier, approaches.

Rose(impatiently): What took you so long? Did the weather slow you down?

Man(whispering): No, not at all… I’m sorry, but the person you asked for proved to be harder to find.

Rose: You have, I hope, the necessary information I asked of you…and the other thing as well.

Man: Yes, of course! The person you asked me to find for you, his office is at the last floor of the highest building, he usually works until late at night, so you’ll surely find him there, even now.

Rose: What about the other thing?

Man: Well, there were more people around him today, as I watched him, but his personal assistant seems to be the one you’ve searched for, pretty well-connected, a bit of a workaholic.

Rose: Very good indeed, you did your job very well, I’m pleased. What else can you tell me about the second one?

Man: He’s a kind guy, apparently shy, but he knows the people who matter, gets in their goos books. What’s your business with him, by the way? The other people I brought you in contact with…,well he’s different from them…

Rose: Exactly, my business with him is a different one. He, unlike the other people is going to live, if he chooses to help me.(smiling shrewdly)

Man(confused, shocked):…is going to love? What do you mean? All these people I brought you in contact with…they are dead? killed them?

Rose:Such harsh words,(mocking him)…no, it’s more like ending something not so important, their lives weren’t that important. The way you say it…it makes me sound almost cruel. Do I seam cruel to you?

Man(even more shocked and scared):No, I…I didn’t want it to sound like that…but these people, dead… And I still don’t understand what you want Evan to help you with.

Rose: Evan? So that’s his name, thanks for telling me, now I’ll be able to approach him properly.

Man:Thank you…? But, but what do you want with him? You said you won’t k-kill him…

Rose: Why, yes, I intend not to kill him, I have a job for him…

Man(becoming more scared): Job…what job?

Rose(laughing): Why so eager to know my business with Evan? I like talking to you, I wouldn’t want to have to end it so soon.

Man: What do you mean? End? End what?

Rose: Well, if you’re so eager to find out… Evan will replace you, he’ll get your job.

Man(very frightened): My…my job? What do you mean by that? What will happen to me?

Rose(with an even, emotionless face):I’m sorry to tell you that we won’t be seeing each other…(drawing out something silvery) I really enjoyed working with you.( drawing closer to the man) Goodbye!(striking him)

Man(falling down, eyes widened by shock): What the-?

As the man falls down, the brightest lightning strikes the sky, followed by a loud thunder and a swishing of clothes…The woman left the scene, the wind blowing calmly over the trees.

Scene 2

Morning, in th small office on the last floor of the highest building in the city, the first sun rays appear, enlightening the tall and slender figure of a woman with flaming red hair. The woman , sitting in the big chair of the man to whom the office, as well as the building belonged, is playing with a pen, waiting; behind her, the tall and slim figure of a man is leaning against the wall, he is apparently unmarked, only his eyes and mouth are opened, looking slightly shocked; near his chest, where a deep, red wound appeared not too long ago, rose petals are lying, once red, now painted black, carefully placed, trademarks of the man’s murderer.

Evan(entering the office): You wanted to introduce me to someone, boss?(noticing the woman) Oh, hello! You’re the one my boss wanted to introduce me to?

Rose: Yes, my name is Rose. You’re Evan, aren’t you?(holding out her hand)

Evan(shaking her hand): Yes, I am, pleased to meet you. I heard you have a job for me?

Rose(smiling): Yes, a very important job, but of course, besides the job you already have here. Oh, and may I congratulate you for being the new boss of all this!

Evan(surprised): New boss? Of all this? What do you mean? (noticing the body) No! Richard! What happened to him?

Rose: Well, I would say he’s dead. Which makes you his successor, as I have already said.

Evan(confused): How can this be? Ten minutes ago he called me, told me to come here and meet someone. It was his voice, I heard him!

Rose(smiling evilly): Yes, you’re right, ten minutes ago he was still alive, calling you.

Evan(noticing the black rose petals near the body): Black rose petals, that’s the sign of the notorious murderer, the sign of the Black Rose!(then, noticing the gun on the desk) You shot him! You killed…you killed Richard!(angry, screaming) You’re the Black Rose!

Rose: Yes, I am known under this name to many people, nice to meet you, Evan.

Evan(shocked): N-nice to m-meet you? You just killed my boss!(scared) What do you want from m-me?

Rose(calm): First of all, it would be better if you calm down, then I can explain why I came here.

Evan(even angrier): Calm down? How can I calm down when my boss, my friend has just been killed and I’m face to face with his murderer?

Rose: Well, calming down might help you analyze the situation you are in better. (taking her gun)

Evan(scared): You’re going to kill me, right? Why couldn’t you just kill me first and leave Richard? Why?

Rose(laughing): Fool! Didn’t I just say I had a job for you? Though I must admit it is astounding how much more respect people show you if you point a gun at them.

Evan(bewildered): A job for me? What kind of job? What could you want from me? You, the notorious Black Rose?

Rose(smiling, playing with the gun): Thank you for the compliment…notorious…I like it. As for you, you are a well-connected person, especially after taking over this business. I also happen to be in need for a…, how to put it, partner…

Evan(indignantly): Your partner? How could I ever? After today especially. Richard was my friend! And what do you think I’d be able to do for you?

Rose: Well, as you might know, I choose my victims not randomly, but through well-connected people like you. this is what I want you to do for me.

Evan(repulsed): Never! I would never do this! I’d rather die! You don’t know me… You came here in vain.

Rose(smiling): Oh, Evan, how could you possibly think I’d want to kill you? You are very important to me.

Evan(furious): You mock me! What makes you think I’d work for you? You don’t know me!

Rose(laughing): Oh, I know you better than you think. I have been watching you, Evan, I know what is important to you.

Evan(scared, shocked): What do you mean? What are you going to do?

Rose: I see…I have your full interest now, very good. Firstly, I intend to do nothing, if you accept to be my partner, if not, I shall hunt down and kill every person dear to you until you decide to protect them by helping me.

Evan(petrified): No! You can’t do this! How could I choose…( sinking down on his knees) please, don’t…(choking)

Rose: Well, if it makes you feel better, you only give me names and I decide whom I’d like to kill(laughing softly). Think about it. especially about what I’ll do if you won’t help me. I left you my number on the desk, if you haven’t contacted me until next week, you’ll have to say goodbye to one of your friends. Bye, Evan, I hope to hear from you soon.(walking away)

Scene 3

Evening, Evan’s flat, located somewhere near the western train station, at the outskirts of the city; Evan is pacing nervously around in his living room, with his mobile phone in one hand; finally he decides on making the call.

Rose: Hello, Rose here. Who is it?

Evan(shaking): H-hello, Evan, this is Evan.

Rose(pleasantly): Oh, hello Evan. I’m glad you called. I guess that means you decided to work for me?

Evan: Y-yes. What next?

Rose: Well, I’d like to meet you tomorrow afternoon and discuss a few things. How about meeting at that nice cafe next to your office?

Evan: Yes, of course, but I don’t know how you look, you were standing in the shadow, last week when we m-met.

Rose(aughing):Don’t worry about that. Just find somewhere nice to sit and I’ll find you. See you tomorrow then.(hanging up)

Evan(troubled): See you.

He started pacing around the living room again, dreading the following day.

Scene 4

Afernoon, the sun shines brightly upon the crowded streets of the city; Evan is approaching the cafe, looking for an empty table, then, seeing one, he sits down, waiting apprehensively; after ordering a drink, a tall, red-haired woman approaches Evan’s table.

Woman: Do you mind if I take this seet for a while? Every other table is full and I’m meeting someone…

Evan: Be my guest, I’m also waiting for someone(looking anxious)

Woman(smiling): Thank you! We can wait toghether(looking a little worried) … You seem a little anxious..are you allright?

Evan(relaxing a bit): No. no… It’s nothing…the heat is hetting to me a bit…I’m fine.

Woman: I’m glad you’re O.K. I was starting to get a little worried. Let’s toast then, to an early end of this over-heated summer(laughing) and that hopefully, the ones we’re supposed to meet will show up!

Evan(aughing too, forgetting about Rose): Yes, I couldn’t have made a better toast. I’ll drink to that!( raising his glass, then drinking)

Woman: So, what do you do? Where do you work?

Evan(pointing towards the highest building): Up there. I’m working as a publicist.

Woman: Wow! Sounds interesting. You meet a lot of people, don’t you?

Evam: Yes, well, sometimes it’s getting too much for me…I like working, but I’m not such a social person, you know.

Woman: Yes, I think I know what you mean, you’d like more time for yourself. You don’t like being around too many people, do you?

Evan: No, I don’t, that’s why I prefer living at the outskirts of the city. Anyway, what abou you, what do you do?

Woman: Just running my own little private business…nothing special…and definitely not as exciting as your job(flirting with Evan)

Evan(blushing slightly):Oh, how nice…thank you…I didn’t know my job seems that interesting…

Woman: Why so modest? I find it really fascinating…you get to meet many well-known and interesting people.(smiling)

Evan(smiling too): Well, yes, it actually is nice, and interesting, but just too much for me sometimes…especially after what happened last week(speaking to himself)…and her…

Woman(looking questioningly at him):What happened last week? And about whom are you thinking?

Evan:Oh, nobody…I was just lost in thoughts, that’s all…

Woman: Are you sure you’re all right? Can I do something for you?

Evan: No, I’m fine…it’s just…my boss, who was also a good friend of mine…he was murdered last week…

Woman: I’m sorry to hear that…(patting his shoulder) but you must find a way to get over it…to go on.

Evan: Thank you, it felt really good to talk to you about it. Don’t worry, I’ll somehow get over it, it’s just…(his voice is fading)

Woman: Is there someting else troubling you? Maybe I can help you there as well…

Evan: No, no, I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about that…I must solve that problem alone(sighing)… Why hasn’t she come?

Woman: It’s O.K. if you can’t talk about it. Whom are you expecting? Has that ‘she’ let you wait that long?

Evan(caught by surprise): What? Yes…I should meet a woman here…she said she would find me…but it seems she didn’t…what now?

Woman: Well, I think I can help you on this one, Evan-

Evan(surprised): How come you know my name? How could you help me?

Woman(getting up): May I introduce myself properly: Rose Black, nice to have talked to you Evan. Call me this evening, bye!(going away)

Evan(stunned): Rose…Rose Black…she was…she’s her…how can this be? She was so nice(revolted) She fooled me!

Scene 5

A few weeks later, Rose is in her study room, drinking wine and thinking about the last weeks, and about Evan.

Rose: Interesting guy…he really turned out to be useful,actually more useful than I could have imagined(taking a sip of wine). Evan Thompson, you area truly interesting person, I can’t wait to get to know you better(laughing softly, putting down the glass)

Some distance away, Evan is pacing around in his living room, thinking about the last weeks and about Rose.

Evan: She’s so cruel, almost not human…yet so nice sometimes, most of the times when I’m with her…this is so confusing…she kills people, cold-heartedly, just like that, not feeling anything for them, it seems… But then why?(wringing his hands) Why do I like her? I mean I really like her,, when she’s with me, when we talk…she confuses me…she also repulses me,what she’s doing, the murders, yet…I can’t help liking her…why? Why is this happening?

Rose: It seems I made a good impression, Evan definitely is not just repulsed by me (laughing, taking another sip of wine). It seems I haven’t lost my touch, poor Evan… so idealistic, so naive. But it’s good for business, the more he likes me, the better we can work together(playing with her hair).

Evan: I must control myself, I mustn’t let her get to me, never! Maybe…(walking more furiously through his living room) maybe if I get closer to he I could stop her…but I must be careful, I must not loose my head(stopping, his face illuminating), maybe…it would be nice…I hope I’m right…she must have a good side, there must a reason why she does, what she does…
I want to believe there’s good in her.Yes! That’s my purpose, get to know her better, bring out the good in her(sitting down, smiling).

Rose: Evan, what might you be thinking now? Maybe I’ve charmed you so well that you think you can change me…(laughing)…foolish man…(laughing again).

Evan(dreamily): Rose,I know it now! There’s good in you. I can change you!


To Be Continue! (Va Urma)



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